Pawarumi is a modern shoot'em up set in a pre-Columbian inspired futuristic universe. You play Axo, pilot of the ship named Chukaru, the most powerful vessel in this world.


To clear your way through the levels, Axo's ship is equipped with three weapons given by each of the three gods. It is possible to switch between the three at all times.

Trinity Mechanic

Each enemy is also powered by the energy of one of the deities. Your weapons not only cause damages to them but also have different effects depending on the weapon used to hit them!


Double the damage!
The easiest way to clear a strong enemy off your path.


Refill your shield!
But be careful, you'll also make the enemy stronger.


Charge the super attack!
It will, with no doubt, prove useful later on.


Scoring Guide

Mix all the techniques provided by the game to make the biggest scores!

Damage Points
Hitting any enemy will give you points proportionally to the damages done
Destruction Points
Destroying an enemy will reward you with additionnal points depending on how strong was the enemy.
Combo Illustration
Crush Bonus
Destroying an enemy with a Crush weapon will multiply the destruction points by six!
Super Attack
Its combo meter raises faster with many or very strong enemies. Each combo hit will reward with more than 2500 points.
Damage Bonus
Damage is rewarded with 25 extra points when using a Drain weapon and 200 extra points when using a Boost weapon.
Combine Damage and Crush Bonus by quickly changing to a Crush weapon just before destroying an enemy!


  • Futuristic universe inspired by pre-Columbian civilisations
  • Epic staging in gorgeous 3D environments
  • Five levels set each in a part of the world, and beyond...
  • Three difficulty levels each with their alternate story
  • Advanced scoring system
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Playstation 4


There’s really nothing else like it out there right now.
A damn fine video game, and that's all you really need to know.
Its audiovisual presentation is absolutely amazing.
It’s pretty exhilarating, honestly.
Go buy Pawarumi, you won’t regret it.
The weapon system is clever and enjoyable.